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Francis Hosein, canal pour les Trans-Formers
Francis Hosein
About Francis Hosein. I was born in Trinidad and later moved to New York where I graduated with a BA degree in psychology.

I have been practicing and teaching tai chi for over twenty-seven years.

I offer private deep trance channeling as part of my life mission bringing answers to those in need.

I have practiced NLP(neuro-linguistic programming), and focusing, and has been giving Chinese abdominal (chi nei tsang) massages for over 10 years.

First Encounter

My first encounter with deep trance occurred twenty years ago with the help of an assistant. I experienced a feeling of oneness, where the word “I” no longer existed and it transformed to the word “We”. I felt that there was no separation between me and the universe. I felt at one with all.

When I woke up I felt that no one could hurt me with words because my inner self felt that no one can reach me to hurt me or any other person and all they can do is hurt the outer shell, our conscious awareness. This brought back memories of when someone said to me that "water falls of a ducks back" and this is what I experience.

My perception of life has change after this and I am able to feel this way during the day when I tune myself into it.

My ability feels as natural to me as walking or eating.

I offer workshops on tai chi, qigong, seeing and interpreting auras, healing the inner child, meditation, forgiveness and channeling medium development(light or deep trance) and hypnosis.

For many years now, I have conducted monthly “men’s group” gatherings. I feel that it is my way of sharing what I learning from Spirit.

Building better relationship starts with me, be it – personal or professional – which helps me to know more about myself and what I want out of life.

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