Famous Psychics That contrbute to Humanity

These are some of the famous psychics who have contributed to helping humanity. Through their abilities as psychics, they have made a significant impact on many lives on having a better life for themselves and their families.

Abby Haydon is a psychic medium who channels a group of entities named The Assembly of Light. Their objective is to help people ascend to a higher dimension. Learn more about Abby Haydon.

Allan Kardec (1804-1869) was famous for his contribution to the spiritual world. He wrote many books on this subject, which are today considered the bibles of spirituality. Here is more about Allan Kardec.

With the help of these famous psychics they were and are able to give support and bring light into peoples' lives that were once hopeless. Lets all celebrate psychics who helped to raise the vibrations of humanity with their work although some have been criticized.

Thanks to the courage of these famous psychics, families and relationships that were once lost and torn apart are again reunited.

Allison DuBois was born on January 24, 1972 in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a medium and profiler who has become famous through the TV series Medium, which is based on her life. Although some of her visions come to her in dreams, most of them occur when she's awake. Learn more about Allison Dubois.

Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910) was born in Blooming Grove, New York. He's one of the many famous psychics and spiritualists of our time. Gain more insights about Andrew Jackson Davis.

Arthur Ford (1896–1971) was one of the famous psychics, spiritual medium and clairaudient. In 1955 he founded the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship. More about Arthur Ford.

Betty White (1880-1939) use many different ways to help others with her mediumship ability such was Ouija board, trance channeling and automatic writing to help transform peoples' lives. Get more about Betty White.

Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-1886) was a spiritualist. He was most famous for his claimed powers as a medium and his ability to levitate to a variety of heights, elongate and to handle fire and hot coals without injury. Have more insights about Daniel Dunglas Home.

Derek Acorah is a well-known spirit medium. He has achieved international success with his print publications, as well as his TV and radio series'. Gain more about Derek Acorah.

Donna Kinniburgh is a deep trance channeler in the style of Edgar Cayce. She gives consultation to many people all over the world with her husband Steve by her side as her director. She is also available for tarot card readings. Learn more about Donna kinniburgh.

Doreen Virtue has a doctorate of psychology and works with the spiritual realm such as angels and ascended masters in her writings and workshops. She has written about 20 books about angels, crystal children, chakras, health, diet and indigo children. Read more about Doreen Virtue.

Doris Fisher Stokes (1920-1987) was a famous British psychic medium. Her memoirs, public demonstrations of Mediumship, and television appearances helped to raise the profile of spiritualism and promoted a new interest in psychics and their phenomena in the late twentieth century. Here is more about Doris Fisher Stokes.

Echo Bodine was born as a gifted psychic. Her psychic gifts range from clairvoyance ,clairsentience, clairaudience and psychic healing. She's the author of many books sharing her knowledge with others. More about Echo Bodine.

Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was one of the psychics welknown as a medium who channeled answers to questions on different subjects like health, astrology, Atlantis civilization and reincarnation, while he was in a deep trance. Here is more about Edgar Cayce.

Eileen Garrett was a famous medium, who became well-know through her published works and lectures. She created the Parapsychology Foundation in 1951. Get more about Eileen Garrett.

Eileen Roberts was a spiritualist medium who has been the president of the First Spiritual Temple in Boston for over thirty years. She has brought with her a high ethical standard that has helped improve the world of mediumship. Read more about Eileen Roberts.

Esther Hicks is a famous channeler from a group of spiritual teachers called Abraham. She's a motivational speaker who has co-authored many books. Read more about Esther (Abraham) Hicks.

Florence Cook was a gifted psychic who was able to manifest “spirit faces”. She had the gift of levitation through her spirit guides. Read more about Florence Cook.

Gerard Croiset (1909–1980) was a famous Dutch psychic. He had the power of psychometry , which meant he could read information from a held object. Read more about Gerard Croiset.

Gordon Smith is a psychic medium who speaks to the dead. He's well-known all over the world for his accuracy, and is called the Psychic Barber. Read more about Gordon Smith.

Helena Petrovna Hahn (also Hélène) (1831-1891) was call by many Helena Blavatsky or Madame Blavatsky. She established the Theosophical Society. Read more about Helena Blavatsky.

J Z Knight has been channeling Ramtha, an entity from the time of Atlantis, since 1977. She has created a School for Enlightenment. Read more about J Z Knight.

Jach Pursel is a world famous psychic. He has been channeling the non-physical entity Lazaris since 1974. His essence originates far beyond the Mental and Causal Planes. Learn more about Jach Pursel.

James Van Praagh is a famous medium who has helped to inform the public that life of some form goes on after death. He has the abilities of clairsentience and clairvoyance. Read more about James Van Praagh.

Jane Roberts (1929-1984) was another of the most famous psychics, authors, and poets of the twentieth century. Jane Roberts was born in Saratoga Springs, New York, where she attended Skidmore College. Read more about Jane Roberts.

Janet Moore was born in 1955, in a suburb of Chicago. She is considered to be a famous psychic, tarot reader and spiritual reader. Learn more about Janet Moore.

Jeanne Dixon (1904–1997) was a famous psychic medium, spiritualist, clairvoyant and astrologer. She was born in Medford, Wisconsin, but raised in California. She predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Read more about Jeanne Dixon.

Joanne Gerber is a famous psychic medium. She comes from the Boston Massachusetts area. Joanne demonstrates her abilities as a clairaudient , clairvoyant , and clairsentient. Read more about Joanne Gerber.

John Edwards is a famous psychic medium, author and lecturer. He has been helping many people around the world for the past nineteen years. He has a show on television called Crossing Over with John Edwards. Learn more about John Edwards.

Laura Scott is a gifted psychic, spiritual teacher and channeler. She's also certified as a Reiki Master, is skilled in health scans, and is a Bach Flower practitioner. Learn more about Laura Scott.

Laurie Campbell is a famous spiritual medium who assists many people from around the world in finding missing loved ones and connecting people to those that have left the earth. She has worked for over nine years doing research and is working on some new shows on the Discovery Channel. Learn more about Laurie Campbell.

Lee Carroll is well-known for channeling Kryon. He's the author of twelve books that have been translated into twenty-one languages worldwide. Lee said that in 1989 God hit him between his eyes. Read more about Lee Carroll.

Lisa Williams is a well-known psychic who talks to the dead. Her psychic ability began at the age of four, when she thought everyone shared the same gift. Read more about Lisa Williams.

Lucy Hale was a famous medium who served in the Spiritualist churches in England. She lived in the Abingdon area of Oxfordshire, England. She was a medium for over forty years. Read more about Lucy Hale.

Mary Ennis is a famous psychic who channels the entity Elias. His focus is to assist people in shifting and to allow people to have a better relationship with themselves. Read more about Mary Ennis.

Nostradamus was a famous astrologer. He was born in the sixteenth century in France. He is known for his ability to predict world events that have come true. To many, he foretold the events of 9/11. Read more about Nostradamus.

Ron Scolastico uses his ability to go into a deep state of consciousness from where he receives a great amount of information which he uses to help people all over the world. Read more about Ron Scolastico.

Ronna Herman is a famous psychic who channels Archangel Michael. She is a teacher and author. Many people have been blessed, thanks to her warm and nurturing qualities. Read more about Ronna Herman.

Rosemary Altea is a famous psychic medium who heard voices as a child and had visions of dead people. With the help of her guide, she has published many books to help bring healing to those in need. Read more about Rosemary Altea.

Ruth Montgomery (1912-2001) was an American journalist and self-described Christian psychic. She made great contributions to past-life research. Read more about Ruth Montgomery.

Sanaya Roman has been channeling a wise and spiritual teacher for over twenty-five years. She's the author of many books and audio cassettes. Read more about Sanaya Roman.

Summer Bacon is a trance medium and author who lives in Sedona Arizona and channels Dr. Peebles. She has been involve in hauntings, ghost busting and remote viewing. Read more about Summer Bacon.

Suzane Northrop is a trance medium who has been working for over twenty-five years to help people with their emotional pain from the loss of a loved one. Read more about Suzane Northrop.

Sylvia Browne is a famous psychic medium. She was born in Kansas City, Missouri. She started predicting at the age of three. Read more about Sylvia Browne.

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