I Need Psychic Help

by B.T-M.
(Free State, South Africa)

I am a married woman aged 44 with 2 sons. I was born with my surname T. and got married to M.

What is not working for me is there is no peace between me and my husband. We are both working but we don’t know what happens with our income. We are not able to pay our debts which did not happen before.

My son cannot find a job although he works hard. I can say we work a lot but it looks like we are not. My son had a job but they have not paid him up to today. I find it difficult to pay all my debts as problems pile on each other.

My business is also falling apart, my computers, printers, my geyser for my business, my kettle and so on. All of these things have all shut down and do not work at t he moment. All these happened in less than a year. I am a hard working person.

These difficulties are affecting me for I have a lot of stress and I can’t cope well in life. I feel like I can cry as I am writing these words. We don’t have peace due to these difficulties because they seem to pile even more. My husband has even turned himself into a drunkard due to these problems.

I went to church to ask for help, I pray and perform tasks given to me by the church my home, I even asked for prayer requests from the internet hoping it will work for me but it seems like nothing helps.
I am willing to give myself to God, pray hard if I have to because I must move on with my life.

I am looking for help because it looks like I have an evil eye that is following me.

How can I get rid of these problems and how did they happen to enter into my family because they were not here before?

And the psychic guides answered: At this time both you and your husband needed to be together your husband turn to alcohol to avoid the pain. You both needed to take time to write down in a book what you are spending money on. You need to get hold of your spending. Have a plan of action of what is needed to live on. Help your son get a job by defining what he wants to do. If there are no jobs in that field then take any other until some thing else comes along. Your family needs support and it is for both of you to reach out to the community to get help. Good results will happen within a month.

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