Platonic Relationship How Does It Work

Can a platonic relationship work out for you and what are the rules and boundaries that can help to strengthen this? Learn more about being friends with the opposite sex and how you can remain just friends.

Can Platonic Relationship Work?

A platonic relationship is understood as a friendship between two people and generally of the opposite sex. You may wonder if it’s possible to stay just friends, or if these connections always turn into romantic ones.

Yes, it’s possible to maintain a successful friendship with the other sex which is call a platonic connection. However, both friends will need to respect and maintain certain boundaries when you set it up or agreed to it to make it work. It is better to talk about it as the emotional involvement get stronger before it goes too far and you feel you have to break up the emotional connection.

Platonic Attraction

People are attracted to each other for many different reasons and it is not always the case of being sexual. Sometimes you may feel a connection because of something you shared as individuals or together. Sometimes you may not be able to explain it but it just feels right when you are around this person and you do not know why. If you believe in past life, it may be a connection from another life. It may also be the way the person act or their beliefs about life and how they live their life that makes you feel attractive to them. It can also be something as a familiar feeling like a brother or sister and that makes it a platonic connection.

Boundaries of a Platonic Relationship

Defining the boundaries of your platonic involvement starts with you. Becoming aware of your feelings and needs can help to build a better connection with the other person. Knowing your own limitations within the friendship and what you want to receive from the other can build a stronger association in the future.

Creating open communication is the first step to defining the boundaries of your involvement. Share your thoughts, needs, and limitations with your friend so that you both clearly understand the nature of the connection. Often, one person may have a hard time being just friends so it’s important to define the platonic connection from the beginning.

Men and women needs are different and you may go into this not being very clear with what you want and because of this you may give the other person mix messages.

Learning to be friends and building trust to a new friendship is the first step to creating a good platonic connection that can last a lifetime.

Each connection you enter into – personal or professional – helps you to know more about yourself and what you want in life. Find out how to receive more free advice on platonic association from your personal psychic medium.

Visit our archives to continue reading platonic advice from your personal psychic medium, or receive free advice in the form of positive affirmations from our weekly Words of Wisdom.

Romantic Relationship Advice

Your psychic medium provides free advice on issues within platonic connection. You can follow the links below to continue reading platonic advice from the spirit guides about romantic encounters.

  • Some people get involved in a rebound relationship as a way of making up for lost time after their previous connection did not work. You may start dating again soon after a break-up to no longer feel hurt or to get what you could not receive from your previous partner.

  • Involvement compatibility does exist between friends, family members, and couples. Understanding your self and your needs can help to make this happen.

  • A codependent connection may result in a dysfunctional pattern of living that developed during childhood from family interactions.

  • Emotional counseling is something that you may feel that you need at some point to make your connection stronger. If you haven't done any work on healing yourself as an individual, it becomes difficult to grow stronger in your connection.

  • When it's time for a relationship rescue, the foundation of your emotional connection is no longer solid and it becomes difficult to rebuild.

  • A long distance connection can work if you have the right skills. The individuals who venture forward in this adventure must love each other very much to make it work.

  • Being in a controlling others may give you the illusion that you're in love because you're being taken care of. You may later realize that you're being restricted from doing what you want, and a feeling of unhappiness may develop.

  • A teen involvement can happen at a time of great upheaval in a teen’s life, because they are still learning about the world and about other involvement with their peers.

  • Marriage counseling can help you at a time in your life when you don’t know where to turn. This can show you where the problems are and how to heal them.

  • A long term connection can be achieved, but it depends on your individual needs, as well as the willingness of others to make it happen.

  • Ending a emotional connection can be a difficult time in your life. It can also have a life-long effect on children involved and their future children.

  • An interpersonal connection helps us to define ourselves, our culture, our beliefs and how each of these elements work together.

  • A healthy relationship starts by creating a healthy connection with yourself. You can start by adding congruency to your life.

  • Relationship communication means that there are different ways that people communicate with each other. Becoming aware of yourself and your way of communicating can be very helpful.

  • Relationship help is about first helping yourself before you can help your family or friends. That means becoming conscious of your needs.

  • An abusive emotional involvement is a type of connection that is learned from children in their early years. Becoming aware of the habits that ensue from abusive relations can help you to change your way of life.

  • Relationship problems can be identified when you first know what your needs are. These problems have a great effect on the couple as well as the children involved.

  • Some individuals seek an open to emotional involvement to spice up their emotional involvement or to bring back what they once had.

  • A bad relationship is created when people aren't clear about their needs and intentions. Becoming conscious that each of us is responsible for our own life, and what we want to achieve, is the right step to take.

  • For a marriage connection to last, each individual needs to put time and effort into the emotional connection. Ask for better communication when building a strong foundation for your marriage.

  • A trust connection can often be demanding for anyone who's working on healing past wounds. It can take time and communication for trust to build again.

  • An online relationship can be successful, depending on each individual involved and their needs, honesty, and ability to communicate.

  • A tip long distance relationship is that such emotional involvement depend on the love and commitment involved, as well as what time in your life you entered the relationship.

  • Your relationship horoscope can help you to understand yourself better and how to act in your own best interest. Learning about your own needs and how to better communicate them is a good place to start.

  • A relationship break up is a very difficult time for many people. At this time you may feel lost and have little desire to lead an active life.

  • Cheating in relationship does not only affect you – it can also have a significant impact on children and their future interactions with others.

  • Receiving love relationship advice can be either simple or complicated. It depends on where you are in your life and how well you understand your needs.

  • A successful relationship can be achieved when you know yourself, your needs, and the needs of you partner.

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