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It would be incredible to suddenly have all the information, exercise, and tools at your fingertips to create the success in your life that will last wouldn’t it and that’s what you get with these recordings.

In this product catalog of trance recordings you will discover lots of information that will help you solved many of your problems in the privacy of your own home that maybe on your mind today.

Each product catalog of trance recordings is over an hour long. Do you have problems with relationship, money or simply just need guidance in your life, and then these recordings can make a difference in saving you time and money with less effort.

Within these catalog of trance recording many questions are ask about things that people like you are going through today and simple and clear answers are given.

Because the answers are sometimes simple and clear it may ask of you to listen more than once to get the real messages and to gain more from it.

Here is what someone had to say about the Spiritual Guides.

I have followed the Trans-formers for 11 years. They always guide me with knowledge on different subjects like my incarnation plan and my souls name, my finance my love life, past lives. For me they are a source of guidance because they know everything on us and since the form Francis Hosein is in a deep sleep there is no interference. When I have health issues I come to them because they guide me to the real source of the problem and I can work on it. It’s in my hands to sees the opportunity to better myself. J.F.Ouillet

Many people have said that they needed to listen to the recordings more than once because the way of thinking was new to them and they found they had reistance to changing the way they were doing things yet in the long run they made a big change in their life and are happy with the new person they have become.

"English" means the product catalog recordings is only in English. "English/francais" means that the recording is translated in both English and French.

MP3 - Jesus and His Time (english)

MP3 - How to Create Reality? (english)Which gives you greater insight as to what steps you can take now to change your life around.

MP3 - Aids and How It Affects Us (english)The Spirit guides show you how aids affect the whole society and why it was created, what lessons are you to learn from this.

MP3 - Love Beyond Fear /Au delà de la Peur (english/français)

MP3 - How to Create Inner Peace? (english)They guide you to different steps to take to have inner peace.

MP3 - Soul Mates/Les âmes soeurs et la maîtrise de sa vie (english/français)

MP3 - The Christ Consciousness (english)

MP3 - The 21st century/Le passage au 21è siècle (english/français)

MP3 - How To Heal One's Life?/Comment guérir sa vie? (english/français)

MP3 - Mental Ilness/La maladie mentale : le mal du siècle (english/français)

MP3 - Power : Take It or Leave It/Le pouvoir : à prendre ou à laisser (english/français)

MP3 - Is There a Men's Problem Today?/Les hommes d'aujourd'hui, sont-ils mâle en point? (english/français)

MP3 - What is to come in the years ahead?/À quoi s'attendre dans les années à venir? (english/français)

MP3 - Dealing with our crazy life./Notre vie folle! À quoi ça nous sert? (english/français)

MP3 - Finding the Healer Within/Découvrir son guérisseur intérieur (english/français)

MP3 - Lifepath Choices and Karma/Choix d'incarnation et Karma (english/français)

MP3 - The 09-11 Events/Les événements du 11 septembre 2001 (english/français)

MP3 - Money, growth and religion/Argent, croissance et religion

MP3 - Security vs Insecurity/Sécurité vs insécurité (english/français)

MP3 - Spring Cleaning/Désintoxication printanière (english/français)

MP3 - Reprogramming the DNA and Beliefs/ Reprogrammation de l'ADN et des croyances (english/français)

MP3 - Illnesses and their messages/Vos maladies vous parlent-elles? (english/français)

MP3 - The World of Sexuality/L'univers de la sexualité (english/français)

MP3 - How to profit financially in uncertain times?/Comment profiter de vos finances en des temps incertains? (english/français)

MP3 - Water and its role in our lives/Où en est-on par rapport à l'eau, source de vie? (english/français)

MP3 - UFOS and other phenomena/Les OVNI et autres phénomènes (english/français)

MP3 - Relationships : inside and out/Les relations humaines et croissance personnelle (english/français)

MP3 - Reversing aging/Le vieillissement serait-il une croyance? (english/français)

These Product Catalog of Trance Recordings can make a difference in your life in giving you answers to relationships, money and good health.

Note: Answers given by the entities channeled by Francis Hosein contain healthy doses of common sense blended with insights whose origins are often inexplicable. By submitting this form you agree to accept all information provided in the spirit of curiosity and entertainment and to relieve all parties associated with Francis Hosein from any and all liability.

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