Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication is happening all the time and all around us learning how to see and bring out the meaning can help you find peace with love ones.

Becoming aware of who you want to contact and allowing yourself to be open to the vibration of another can help to have a better communication with spirit world.

These entities are in constant contact with you at some level, knowing yourself and trusting that when you ask for assistance or want to make a connection, the desire is heard and send forward into the universe.

As you become sensitive to the different ways the entities send messages you will be able to know the signs for spirit communication.

Some Signs

Some of the signs from spirit communication can come during the day when you are not aware of things happing for you and you may see them as coincidences.

Such signs can be, you want something in your life now and it just so happen you hear something on the radio that give you the way to have it. And you may not see the connection to spirit guiding you because you may consider this normal.

You may feel their presence in different ways such would be chills or your pores may rise when you enter into a room or visit an unfamiliar place but may think you are over reacting. The place may feel different in temperature. You may notice a freshness in the air also.

Sometimes you may feel alone or are not sure what you ask for has been heard. They may comtact you through pictures or words and it is for you to learn how to understand the meaning of what they are sending you. This may take some time and it is with trial and error to get it right.

If this communication is to be use to get in touch with a love one who have pass away then know it can happen fast or slow depending onyou and your ability to read the signs.

The grieving process of a love one dying is very difficult to accept and getting some signs that they are alright can bring some relief to you and the other family members.

You can also consult our archives to discover how other people’s questions have been answered.

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