Student Teacher Relationship How Does It Work

The student teacher relationshipis important in creating more trust in older people who is guiding students to a better future. You may discover greater guidance about these connections as you reads along.

Building Blocks of Life

A student teacher relationship can have a significant influence on a child’s development that may last a life time. These important connections are often the building blocks of trust,courage,support, self esteem in the early stages of a student's life, and can continue to influence the student’s behavior into adulthood. It has an impact also on how they conduct themselves with others in authority.

The teacher takes on a unique role to the student. They are often the first adult, other than a parent or family member, who the student feel they can trusts and can open up to for guidance and support. Teachers often act as role models to their students just by the mere fact they are teachers of authority and who knows more, and students will commonly look to them for support or guidance.

The student teacher connections can also have a great impact on a student's life such as their self esteem because of the encouragement that the teacher provides. When teachers take the time they can help students explore special interests or talents that they may notice from spending much time with the student, which can have a positive impact on the students future development.

A Teacher’s Responsibility

Teachers hold a great responsibility when it comes to their students because of the trust that children give them. It’s important for the teacher to have a sense of integrity within the student teacher relationship and to know their boundaries. Students may not have learnt boundaries from their parents especially if the parents have their own difficulties with knowing their own boundaries. Sometimes the job of knowing boundaries may fall on the responsibility of the teacher to set the rules in their classroom if they have learnt it.

Depending on the approach the teacher has in the classroom will have different outcome with the student. For those that are very strict teachers with be confronted or dislike and other teachers who listens, encourage, motivates and knows when to take control will be liked.

Students often look to their teachers as role models, especially in the early stages of their development. The way a teacher behaves in the classroom towards his students has an impact on the student attitude later on in their life toward other people in authority.

The way a teacher teachers, the way they look, the way they dress, their facial gestures, their tone of voice and their verbal expressions have an impact on the student willingness to listen or to turn off and become distracted by other things in the classroom.

The student teacher association is primarily one of trust, guidance, and encouragement. Once a healthy student teacher connection is formed, it can continue to influence the student in positive ways for years to come.

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